VENDOR HIGHLIGHT: Huddle Tickets/Go Fan

VENDOR HIGHLIGHT: Huddle Tickets/Go Fan

Huddle Tickets is the leader in high school event tickets and marketing, helping schools save money on ticketing services while also providing ease of service with digital mobile passes.

As a CNAA member, schools get free paper and electronic tickets through Huddle Tickets and GoFan for sporting events and more.

Overall schools have saved more than $30 million by using these services.

The way it works is Huddle and GoFan sign on regional business sponsorships to pay for services so money never comes out of the school’s pockets. The schools hand out tickets with sponsorship advertisements on them and in return they receive the tickets for free. This also works for digital tickets offered through GoFan.


In addition to free paper and digital event tickets, which can be used for school events outside of sports, Go Fan has a mobile pass that replaces plastic sports pass cards for faster, easier entry.

Use Huddle/GoFan tickets for high school sporting events, school dances, alumni events, PTA events and parent mixers. The tickets can be used at the door, for advance sales or as year-round membership passes.

Huddle Tickets has serviced more than 10,000 schools across the nation since 2001. GoFan, which handles the digital ticketing side, has already served more than 1,000 schools.

Not only is the service free, it offers other benefits, too. Cut down on long lines and wait times with faster gate entry at games, enjoy an easy-to-use digital ticket validation service, keep all proceeds from event sales in the school’s account and enjoy ease of service with digital distribution of passes and digital memberships.

Ready to sign up? Contact the vendor and add your school to the list of Huddle Tickets/Go Fan users—