E-Fundraising by E-Teamsponsor is The Future of Fundraising

E-Fundraising by E-Teamsponsor is The Future of Fundraising

Why Crowdfunding?

Families and Supporters are more comfortable giving online, according to the numbers, with more than double the donations pouring in when fundraisers use crowdfunding.
But crowdfunding, like any other fundraising, takes a bit of planning. That’s why CNAA founding partners eTeamSponsor was created.


With the use of eTeamSponsor, you can begin an automated crowdfunding campaign to quickly surpass your goals. Simply put, you set up your campaign page, get contact information from your students, start your campaign, and then leave the rest up to eTeamSponsor.
eTeamSponsor reaches out to potential donors in three ways: emails, text messages and social media. Your supporters can then donate either by check, over the phone, or online. To ensure campaign success, eTeamSponsor automatically follows-up with your students and potential sponsors to motivate, remind, and update.

Getting Started

Here’s everything you need to know to get your organization’s campaign started. The first step is to get the campaign administrator to set-up your branded page, with the help of students. Get the students involved by creating a short video detailing how the money raised will help the team. Highlights from the program’s past and goals for the future helps to showcase what makes your athletic department great and makes the campaign more personal.
Humanity in Sports
Students will also need to bring in a list of friends and family to send personalized emails to, as well as phone numbers to share the campaign page through text. No more than 4 emails will be sent to each potential sponsor over the course of the campaign. Emails can be stopped at any time, but automatically end after a donation has been made.

Being Successful

One of the most influential aspects of your campaign’s success will be spreading the word on social media. Be sure to post the link on social media from any official school pages, as well as having the students and parents posting and sharing the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

To ensure campaign success, eTeamSponsor automatically follows-up with your students and potential sponsors to motivate, remind, and update about the campaign. On your campaign’s webpage, there are real-time updates on how much money has already been raised and how much is left to go. This will keep the donors engaged until the goal is met.
Once someone has made a donation, eTeamSponsor helps to show your organization’s gratitude by sending the donor a personalized Thank You email and a tax-deductible receipt. The donor also has the option to display their name and donation amount to proudly show their support.
On average, eTeamSponsor is able to help raise $350 for each student in the campaign.

More Info

For more information on how your school program can use e-Team Fundraising to meet and exceed your donation goals visit our website.

What to Fundraise For

We all know new uniforms, equipment upkeep, travel fees, and other athletic expenses can quickly swell your budget beyond recognition – giant. When trying to ensure your athletic department is able to keep up with the needs of your athletes, as well as attracting new students, your department budget can begin to dwindle quickly. This is where having effective fundraising is important.
Traditionally, when it’s time for schools to raise money, students were sent home with a catalog of items to sell to their family and friends. But these days technology has led to a new, more effective way to gather funds – crowdsourcing.
According to the Nonprofit Source, in 2019 the majority of schools (35%) raised an average of $0 – $5,000 from fundraising a year. In comparison, the average amount any individual nonprofit organization raises in a single crowdfunding campaign is $9,237.55. To put it in another perspective, individuals are able to raise an average of $568 through crowdfunding.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a type of fundraising that focuses on collecting money from donations given online. With the freedom to give multiple small donations or just a few larger sums, crowdfunding encourages more interaction with the campaign – all while building community between the team and the donors.

Crowdfunding also cuts out any middleman in fundraising by clearly explaining why the money is needed and where it will be going to. Unlike catalog fundraising, there is no product to be purchased. This means no additional cost for designing, manufacturing and shipping products out. This candor in how the donor is directly helping with the growth of the athletic department also helps to build a sense of community which is strengthened as the campaign gets shared across social media.