ScoreShots Pre-made Sports Templates Make Social Media Simple

ScoreShots Pre-made Sports Templates Make Social Media Simple

What is ScoreShots?

ScoreShots Pre-made Sports Templates for Social Media
Images boost interaction and get ‘likes’
The best way for schools to stand out on social media is by using pictures and videos in your posts.
In this day and age, we have all embraced social media as an efficient way to get messages out. Now – with everybody online, it is increasingly important to stand out so your messages are not just seen, but also retained.

Why it’s Important

Social media posts that contain photos, had a 650% increased engagement rate, when compared to text-only posts, according to By building a large fanbase online, the opportunity to spread the word about your school’s athletic programs can translate into higher event turn-out, a chance to showcase your students to college scouts, and even larger donations both during fundraising times and sporadically.

How Scoreshots Works

Scoreshots, a CNAA Exhibitor, is doing just that through innovative, simple software. Score shots is a single program that has the ability to hold and store image files online, intuitively create impressive flyers and videos, automatically queue social media posts, and track audience engagement with the content posted.
More than just an online file folder for your association, Scoreshots gives you the power to create first-class images and videos for all of your team’s events. Various templates are available for everything from in-game updates and line-up graphics to game previews and post-game stats. And with Scoreshots’ interactive software, all you have to do is plug in images and text, and Scoreshot will show you the best placements and filters to make your flyer stand out.

Scoreshots is Cloud-based. All admin members with access to the team social media handle can be added onto the account to easily access all files and projects uploaded. Videos, photos, and logos of your organization are all integrated into one place that can be reached online, whether you are on-the-go through a tablet or phone, or in the office through a desktop computer. This gives your team the power to keep branding consistent, from the exact colors and logo dimensions all the way down to the repeated use of a particular font. With an option to see what compliments your team’s official colors, you are able to plan and conceptualize ahead for exciting limited edition or specialty event merchandise.

Admins can easily shuffle between different templates until they find a layout that fits your team’s needs best without wasting time, starting from scratch every time. If after browsing the over 400 templates, you can not find something that is just right for your needs, you can reach out and Scoreshot will make a customized template just for you.
After the graphic is just right, you’re able to save it to be used on a digital scoreboard, a website, or printed out.

Using Your Graphics

These captivating graphics can then be posted and shared by your passionate athletes, proud parents, and devoted fans. Simple enough to make in a matter of minutes, Scoreshots ensures your team leaves an unforgettable mark.
Once you are done making an eye-catching graphic, you can seamlessly post it onto social media through Scoreshots. Scoreshots gives you the ability to pick what platform your post will be sent out to. All you have to do is enter the time, date, caption, and specify what platform to post on, and Scoreshots will make sure your vibrant graphic gets out to your audience. Scoreshots will even follow-up with your post by tracking audience engagement to provide you with a thorough understanding of how your fanbase interacts with the content shared.
Scoreshots can be easily integrated into any school organization’s existing social media strategy or be used to build interaction online from scratch. Whether you use Scoreshots for posting scores to engage with fans who can’t make it to a game or to let your fans meet some of the team, Scoreshots will help you build up a strong, branded team image to excite and expand your fanbase.
If your school is ready to excite your team and fans with impressive new graphics, you can begin with a demo and hands-on help from the Scoreshots team on Click here for a demo.

Using Visuals

Vision trumps all senses. Studies say that a person is 55% more likely to remember information that they see, versus information that is processed via audio. Part of the reason people prefer images such as flyers and videos is that reading is so inefficient for us. Our brain sees words as lots of tiny pictures, and we have to identify certain features in the letters to be able to read them. That takes time.
To further prove the impact pictures have, the Visual Teaching Alliance states that when presented with visuals, the brain is able to process the information 60,000 times faster than when trying to decipher text information. This is especially important to know when considering how to effectively market your team on social media.