Vendor Highlight: REPu

Vendor Highlight: REPu

At CNAA, members have access to deep discounts from vendor partners, and these discounts help school administrators better their Catholic athletic programs.

At REPu the focus is on school promotion, event attendance, and sport and athlete success by delivering information in the easiest-to-use mobile platform. The school’s custom APP is available to students, staff, parents, alumni, and community members The APP has the ability to encompass more than athletics but also all school activities.

CNAA members save a minimum of 25% on set-up fees and services, with bigger discounts available for long-term partnerships.

REPu is:

An ESPN-like sports app that interfaces with a school website
Easy to navigate and painless to maintain
Mobile first
Affordable (free versions available)
All-inclusive, allowing schools to push live scoring, GPS directions, practice and event schedules, news articles and more
Real-time push notifications
Customizable for client viewing.

Fans love it because all of the information is in one place, and downloads are free! There is no sign-in and no cost.

Why Mobile First? Students are more likely to use a mobile device for news and information than a website. However every platform comes with an integrated website for users, as well.

“Eyes are shifting toward mobile as the place to get your content, why do you force fans to check your website for schedules, rosters, scores and news?” explains Doug Miller, co-founder of REPu.

Take control. The REPu app gives schools 100% control over content, but it’s easy. There is no web administrator needed.

Fundraising & Revenue

Use REPu’s all-inclusive mobile platform to increase fundraising goals, as well. With a 5x-15x download rate based on student enrollment (that means at a 1,000 student school 5,000-15,000 downloads of the app are made) it’s an easy way to hit up alumni, parents and members of the community for fundraising opportunities.

The app can also make your school money. Sign up advertisers and imbed banner ads into the app to create revenue.  You don’t share the money you raise, you keep it all.

Advertisers will be impressed by the stats!

100% customer satisfaction
5x-15x+ install based on student enrollment
Users spend 5-10 minutes in the app every time they open it
One of REPu’s schools has 400 students, yet boasts 7,000 APP downloads

Learn more about REPu by contacting Doug Miller at 714-514-6165 or

And ask about our free version of the app, as well!


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