Upgrade Your Athletic Department: Digital Scoreboards

Upgrade Your Athletic Department: Digital Scoreboards

Want to give your high school sports fans the same experience offered at professional games while also increasing your department’s revenue? A digital scoreboard is one way to up the ante under those Friday night lights while funneling more money into the athletic department.
Digital scoreboards are capable of playing a variety of content types, including scores and times, in-game information, live video feeds, instant replays, player stats, in-game animations, sponsor messages and advertisements.
A digital scoreboard is more than just a video screen. While photos and video can both be displayed on their own, software capabilities often give these boards the ability to play more than one type of content at a time using multiple zones. That means the game clock and score can remain displayed while replays and advertisements get screen time, too.

As technology gets better so does the scoreboard. Digital Scoreboards, a company that presented at CNAA’s 2019 Annual Retreat, showed off their new and used digital platforms with updateable software that allows the boards to revolutionize as technology advances—saving school’s money in the long run.

Fans get a better experience at the games—which increase ticket sales—through fan interaction content, engagement opportunities, live video feeds and more.

There’s more: integrate social media campaigns, raise money through fundraising and put the emphasis on the players with live replays and stats.

Use the digital scoreboard to benefit all of your school’s athletic programs including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer and tennis.

CNAA members get a special discount through Digital Scoreboards using their membership. Receive a 5% discount on products and services plus additional perks including ad sales assistance and additional support and consultations along the way.

A portion of the ad sales also benefits the CNAA, helping the organization continue its growth and offer better partnerships and membership opportunities to you.

Invest in your athletic department. Get more information:
Contact Chris Kirn, VP of Sales & Operations, at Digital Scoreboards at 417-719-3777 or chris@digitalscoreboards.net